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Under the leadership of Celal Toprak as the Editor-in-Chief, Business World Magazine in Turkey has set ambitious goals for 2024.

In general, economic magazines aim to stay updated in the ever-changing economic landscape and provide valuable content to their readers. Magazine management can focus on various goals by updating their publishing strategy at the beginning of a new year, taking into account reader demands. They may be determined to reach a broader audience over the next 12 months by revising marketing strategies.

Among the new goals, the magazine aims to offer a wider range of content to its readers on the economy, not only focusing on traditional economic news but also delving into emerging topics such as cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence.

Following this general overview, during a boat trip on the Bosphorus aboard the Le Vapeur Magique, Turkey’s Business World magazine shared its 2024 plans with participants, according to data from the research company AGS Global.

Dr. Ada Beyza Toksoy, Associate Professor and presenter of the event, took charge of the presentation. Celal Toprak, the Economy Director of TGRT News and the Editor-in-Chief of Business World magazine in Turkey, began his speech with uplifting news. Toprak stated, “As we launch the December issue and close the year with you, our esteemed guests, I want to share a significant development for our magazine. According to the data from the international research firm AGS Global, as we enter our second year, our magazine has become the most read magazine in the Turkish business world. We owe this success to you, our valued readers. You read our magazine, increased our visibility with your shares, provided suggestions for us to improve, and as a result, we have become the leading magazine followed by the economic world. We entered our third year last month, and this success has motivated us for the new year.”

By expanding the writing team to cover various articles and analyses in different sectors, Business World magazine plans to provide more comprehensive content to its readers. The latest launch event saw the participation of key figures from the business and political worlds, academics, and an elite guest group.

In interviews with the management of Business World magazine:

The magazine aims to increase awareness of economic issues and create societal impact by placing more emphasis on social responsibility projects in 2024.

To support new business models and initiatives, the magazine plans to focus on the startup ecosystem, organizing special pages to introduce young entrepreneurs and innovative projects.

Supporting women entrepreneurship and featuring more news on current women’s economic issues are also on the magazine’s target list. Content addressing women’s leadership, equal job opportunities, and gender relations is planned to be more frequent.

By closely monitoring international economic developments, the magazine aims to produce more content on crucial global economic issues, providing readers with a global perspective.

With a focus on educational content on investment and finance topics, the magazine aims to increase its readers’ financial literacy.

Keeping up with technological innovations, the magazine plans to inform its readers about the digital transformation in the finance and economic sectors through special features and articles.

In conclusion, Business World magazine in Turkey aims to be in a stronger position in 2024 with a more effective communication strategy, diverse content formats, and a broad range of topics.